"Customers are not interested in the things that you sell – 
they buy services that they find valuable." – P. Viio


Paul Viio

Dr. Paul Viio – a.k.a. the sales doctor – is a leading value sales and B2B service sales expert. In addition to working as a sales trainer, professor of sales, consultant, researcher, writer and keynote speaker, he is an advisor to a number of privately owned companies internationally.

After having worked and held various positions in sales for 15 years across Europe, in the fall of 2007 he decided to pursue a doctoral degree, which he earned in 2011 in sales and sales management. Combining practical experience from sales with the latest theories in the area makes Paul rather unique.

Paul earned his doctoral degree in marketing from the Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. The topic of his thesis was relationship orientation of the sales process in a business-to-business context and his study contributes to the relationship marketing and sales management research in particular.

He has extensive work experience from sales in various business-to-business companies in Europe and has held various sales management positions in different companies. Additionally, Paul is the founder and managing partner of a privately owned consulting company that focuses on international sales and business development.

Currently Paul is Professor of practice in selling and sales management at Aalto University School of Business and Director of sales research at Hanken School of Economics in Finland, and research fellow at Stockholm Business School, Sweden. He has previously held positions such as visiting professor, visiting lecturer, and senior researcher at universities in various countries, including Austria, Finland, Monaco, and Sweden.

Paul trains companies in sales, does business consulting, acts as advisor to companies and organizations, research projects, training business executives, and giving speeches focusing on the areas of service and value-based sales and relationship management. He trains executives and teaches MBA students and Bachelor & Masters students in value-based sales, personal selling and B2B relationship management at universities and business schools internationally. Additionally, he is an active writer of academic and managerial articles on sales and B2B relationship management.

Paul is fluent in four languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German. He gives keynote speeches, conducts research, teaches students and trains executives in all four languages.

In addition to being a leading value sales and B2B service sales expert, Paul is also a human being. He is happily married to his wife, takes good care of his well-being in a holistic way, respects the environment, and is grateful for the love and life that he has been blessed with.

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