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Use the expertise and help of Dr. Paul Viio and his hand-picked team of scientists to make well-informed sales and business enhancing decisions.


Use Scientific Research to Make Well-Informed Sales and Business Enhancing Decisions

Do you want to make educated decisions in sales and business in general – decisions that are based on scientific research and validated by sales & business experts? Want to your options and what makes most sense? Interested to know how others have solved similar problems? Interested in best practices? Are you tired of traditional consultants using cookie-cutter models? Then let me help you, contact me for a non-binding discussion.

Your Challenge and How I can Help

When you face a new or reoccurring situation or problem that affects your sales or business, and you're not quite sure what to do or how to tackle it, I can help you.

It can be questions related to for example your sales process, sales funnel, sales strategy, reward system, cross-functional teams, sales motivation or broader topics like digitalization, social selling, pricing strategy, business model or internationalization. Whatever it is that's troubling you, I'm there to help. My aim is to help you make well-informed decisions that result in improved sales and a healthier business.

B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 is a combination of consulting and sales research – a new type of B2B sales consulting that is based on scientific research. It brings the best of both worlds: B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 combines scientific rigor and best practices.

In contrast to many traditional consultants – who want to make themselves irreplaceable for you – I and my team transfer the information and knowledge to you. As a result, you will be better equipped and more confident to make the right decisions also in future.


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B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 in a Nutshell

B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 is a combination of consulting and research – a new type of B2B sales consulting that is grounded in scientific research. Unlike traditional sales consulting, our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service focuses on studying and understanding a problem or challenge (related to sales and marketing) that you are facing and want to solve in an informed manner.

Unlike traditional sales or marketing consultants, we don’t offer off-the-shelf consulting packages or cookie-cutter type of models or solutions. We focus on the actual task, which is helping you to improve your situation. With decades of experience from both hands-on business and scientific research, we have the toolset – and a global network of other scientists – to help you.

In contrast to many traditional consultants – who want to make themselves irreplaceable for you to keep "milking" you of money – we transfer the information and knowledge back to you. We're not worried about making ourselves redundant. To the contrary, the faster you learn, the faster we can go help other companies in need.

Why Use Our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 Service

Businesses environments and markets are constantly changing and evolving. We are constantly faced by new things or phenomena that we need to understand well to make informed decisions. That's where we come in to the picture: We help you understand those things or phenomena! 

If there is something related to sales and marketing that is of strategic importance for your business that you want to understand so you can make better strategic decisions or take the right actions, we can help you understand it.

The are many reasons for using our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service, including:

  • You can enjoy the first-mover advantage (of being the first to learn about a new “things” or phenomena)
  • You can remain incognito while we study the topic in stealth mode (i.e. under the radar of your competitors)
  • You get VIP access to cutting-edge knowledge and new insights
  • You get an external view on your business by using us
  • You get higher-quality knowledge (by combining business research with scientific research methods)

The knowledge and the insights that you gain through our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service are invaluable for your strategy-making processes and implementation. This service usually generates findings that you're unlikely to uncover by yourself or using traditional business consultants. The outcomes and findings that we generate provide important input for your strategy-making process and help you plan ahead.

When to Use Our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 Service

Typically, you want to use this service when you want to find the root cause to a problem/challenge or when you want to understand a phenomenon (related to sales and marketing) that affects your business.

Situations when our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service is valuable for you include:

  • You are interested in understanding a new “thing” or phenomenon (e.g. value-based pricing, digitalization, need-based offerings)
  • You are not sure how a new phenomenon could affect your business
  • You see your competitors thrive while you are left behind without knowing why
  • You need to increase your company’s sales, but are unsure about the right tools (e.g. compensation models or reward systems)
  • You are exploring strategic alternatives and need an expert opinion or best-practice models
  • You are considering to introduce a new service or product
  • You want to create needs-based offerings
  • You want to segment your customers based on the service(s) that they need
  • You are considering to enter new markets
  • You need a 3rd party expert to do a due diligence on the sales or service offering of a company that you consider acquiring

The B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service is perfect for you when you are facing a situation that you want to understand and want an external expert opinion on. In this service we focus even more on your business compared to our multi-company programs. In our B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service, we go deeper into the topic and also study how it affects your business. We can help you get to the bottom of what you want to understand to improve your sales and business.

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Themes, Topics and Questions that B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 Focuses on

As this service is tailored to fit your situation, we can help you in virtually any topic related to sales, marketing and customer relationship management. We combine the best elements from scientific research and business consulting.

Topics for B2B Sales Consulting 2.0

The topic areas in which we can help you gain a deeper understanding on questions and phenomena include:

  • Personal selling
  • Online selling
  • Sales management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer experience management
  • Marketing and sales coordination
  • Sales and customer support
  • Pricing
  • Incentive systems and reward programs
  • Service development
  • Service innovation
  • Service infusion and servitization
  • Market making and market shaping

Questions and Phenomena that B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 Focuses on

You can approach us with any question or phenomenon that you want us to study and help you with.

Typical questions and phenomena that we study and help our customers with include:

  • “How to re-organize the sales and sales support teams to perform better?”
  • “How do we manage personal selling and e-selling?”
  • “How could we improve the collaboration in the interfaces of sales, marketing and other functions?”
  • “How should we incentivize and reward salespersons and sales supportive staff?”
  • “How can we become a strategic supplier to our customers?”
  • “What is the decision making process of our customers?”
  • “What does the purchasing portfolio of our customers look like?”
  • “How could we develop powerful value propositions?”
  • “How should we do need-based customer segmentation?”
  • “What does CEM – Customer Expectation Management mean and how do we do that?”
  • “How could we apply value-based pricing to our products and services for better profit?”
  • “How does business digitalization (including social media) affect our customer interaction?”
  • “What does service infusion mean and how to do that?”
  • “What is servitization and should we try that?”
  • “How do we develop a professional service innovation process?”
  • “What does market shaping include and how can we do that?”
  • "How to do Customer Journey (CJ) mapping?"
  • "How to do upselling and cross-selling?"

The above are only some of the questions and phenomena that we study. If you have a question or phenomenon that you want to know more about, let us know. 

We are always open to study new interesting questions or phenomena in the areas of sales, marketing and customer relationship management. We will be glad to help you gain a deeper understanding in whatever it is that you are facing.

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About Me & My Team – Your Dream Team

Depending on what is needed to help you solve a problem or understand a phenomenon, I might work alone or together with other experts. All are experts in their respective fields and areas.

If a team is needed, I will hand-pick the members to make sure it is the dream team for helping you.

About me, your sales expert:

  • Inspiring, fun and engaging person to work with
  • Has helped a large number of companies and organizations globally
  • Recognized leading expert in value-based selling and value sales management
  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in selling and sales management for a number of companies internationally
  • PhD in selling & sales management – one of very few in the world
  • Professorship in selling and sales management – at two 'triple crown' universities*
  • Fluent in four languages: English, Swedish, Finnish and German
  • Result oriented person, who is helping you become successful

About my team of experts:

  • Each team member is an expert in his or her field
  • Your team is hand-picked for the task/job
  • All members are published authors/researchers with good communication skills
  • Most team members have a PhD in their area of expertise
  • Cost efficiency (no unnecessary costs will be created for you)
  • Transparency (you will get all data and information that is yours)
  • Working language: English

* Triple crown university: Accredited by the leading accreditation organizations for higher-level education AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. What's makes being 'triple crown' special? Less than 1% of universities and business schools in the world belong to this elite group of schools.

Consulting Fee and Pricing Policy

My fees and pricing policy are both reasonable and fair. Compared to traditional consultants, the fees that I and my team members charge are quite modest. This is because our service is done both to help you (consulting) and to further our research. In fact, most of what you pay me and us goes to fund our research. Additionally, we don't have any high fixed costs (and unlike many consulting companies, we don't have to pay royalties or franchising fees).

Fees and costs are based on the following:

  • My expertise: My knowledge and skills, gathered from over 20 years in international sales and business development, and over ten years of scientific research
  • My work: The work I need to do to help you solve your problem of satisfy your need
  • My travel costs (e.g. flight, taxi, hotel, and travel fee*, if applicable)

Generally, the sales consulting fee that I charge per day starts at €4950. Prices stated in Euro and excluding VAT (24% in Finland, 0% in other countries) and travel costs. My fee doesn't include the fee of possible additional team members.

* Travel fee: If I as part of your project need to travel to locations outside of Stockholm or Helsinki, I charge a travel fee of €950 per travel day for lost work time (due to traveling).

Note: Fees and costs for possible team members, if needed, will be discussed with you case-by-case. I will suggest team members to you only if needed.

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Contact Me for a Free Non-Binding Discussion

Contact me for a free non-binding discussion so we can talk about what you need. This discussion is non-binding and free of charge! 

Use the contact form below! I will get back to you asap so we can discuss your needs more in detail. Note: If you prefer, you can of course also email, chat or call me directly.

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FAQs and Answers

Q: Don’t consulting companies already do these types of projects or assignments?
 Usually they don’t. Normal consulting companies rarely take on assignments like this, perhaps because they don’t have the capabilities for that or because such projects may not be lucrative enough for them. We are genuinely interested in the work what we do, money is not the driver for us.

Q: Is the confidential information that we (or our customers) provide in safe hands?

A: Yes, it is. We take confidentiality very seriously. During the assignments we deal with company- and customer-sensitive information. We follow strict guidelines for ethical behavior in research when acquiring data. Moreover, to protect the companies and respondents in any distribution or dissemination of the data that is gathered, we apply our confidentiality policy. This includes that we do not reveal who has said what. We are interested in solving problems and learning about new phenomena and in helping you to apply that knowledge.

Q: What is the fee structure and how much do you charge for your B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 service?

A: As the service is always tailored to correspond to your needs and situation, we do not have a standard fee structure or fee that we charge. Normally we calculate the fee based on the amount of time and resources that we estimate the assignment to take. Compared to normal consulting fees, however, the fees that we charge are fairly modest. This is because our service is part research, part consulting.

Q: Do the assignments qualify for governmental funding (e.g. from Tekes, Vinnova or similar)?

A: In some cases, yes, but this is very much case-by-case. In case the assignment is part of a larger project that focuses on for example internationalization or other development of your business or offering, you could be eligible for governmental funding in your country (e.g. Finland). We recommend you to find out more from the appropriate governmental organizations in your country.

Sales training and workshops

Improve your sales and customer relationship management skills for better results!

Studies show that only one in ten salespersons is a top-performer. The good news is that basically anyone can learn how to become a great salesperson and highly appreciated by his/her customers. It’s a matter of having the will and means to do so.

If you want to develop your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills, we can help you ge thereOur customized and tested in-company trainings and workshops bring your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills to a whole new level. Contact us, today!


Value pricing training and workshop

Base your prices on customer value, not on production costs or market prices!

Few companies realize the importance and power of professional pricing. Most apply cost-based or market pricing, thereby leaving money on the table. Value-based pricing aims at getting a fair share of what your products or services are worth to your customers. 

Do you want to develop your value pricing management skills? Great! Our customized and tested in-company trainings and workshops bring your pricing management skills to a whole new level.


B2B Sales Consulting 2.0

Scientific research to help you make informed sales & business enhancing decisions!

When you face a sales or business problem, we help you understand and tackle it. Our aim is to help you to make informed decisions to reach better business decisions and sales results.

B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 is a combination of consulting and sales research – a new type of B2B sales consulting that is based on scientific research. In contrast to many traditional consultants – who want to make themselves irreplaceable for you – we transfer the information and knowledge to you.


Advisor and member of the board

Get expert advise on how to structure, drive and grow your sales & business!

Do you want to be regarded a professional sales & business executive by your team and among your peers and customers? Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn.

The exclusive advise that you get from me and the insights that you will come to will help you to “keep your eyes on the ball” and guide your business towards higher levels.


Multi-Company Research Programs and Round-Table Discussions

Get priority VIP-access to cutting-edge knowledge to improve your sales & business performance!

If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to stay ahead of the competition. Reading industry reports or using traditional business consultants isn't enough. You need to get ahead of the curve!

This is where our exclusive multi-company research programs, which focus on sales and business development, become invaluable for you. Our programs are designed to generate cutting-edge knowledge and new insights, which is invaluable for your strategy-making processes and implementation.



Key points to propel your sales success

Note: Customized trainings and workshops are generally provided under NDA, which is why person or company names cannot be revealed.

Thank you for the inspiring value sales training!

Sales Manager and Team Leader, Sales Manager and Team Leader,

The course gives my [me] almost everything I need to develop an own strategy for my new company. This new company is a startup that exists since last year. Currently it consists of 10 software engineers that have a very professional knowledge in implementing social business solutions. I will have the responsibility to build up a new consulting department to add more customer-value to their solutions. Furthermore I will take on the responsibility to develop their sales strategy, marketing activities and organizational development overall. This will be an exciting task for me.”

Head of consulting, Head of consulting,

The first thing on my todo-list is to stick our heads together and really write down what the biggest values for our partners are.

Project Manager, Marketing, Project Manager, Marketing,

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