Value Business and Sales Development Program

Value focus in business for superior value development and delivery

“To be successful in business, your customers should consider you and your service offering to be valuable for him/her.”


Developing and delivering innovative and differentiated services that result in superior customer value is one of the key capabilities that may determine whether a company succeeds in growing its revenue and improving profitability year after year. Whether a company is able develop and deliver superior service offerings that customers consider valuable is largely contingent upon how well the overall value philosophy has been embraced within the entire organization. In sum, when personnel across multiple hierarchical levels within every strategic functional area get onboard the value philosophy, their collective and synergistic efforts successfully drive the value agenda, and subsequently lead to enhanced revenue and profits.

Many companies have a wealth of talent within its rank and file that is capable of driving the value agenda, and when guided by a disciplined and structured approach, they are able to direct the multiple moving parts within a company and bring them all in coherence so that they are able to join hands in this crucial strategic endeavor.

The value business program is intended to do just that. This program consists of six separate modules that collectively will help you get your entire organization behind the value agenda in a systematic manner so that you are able to grow revenue, improve profitability, and increase your ROI on sales and marketing investments year after year.

Specific modules in this value business training program are intended for specific target audiences within the company. Collectively, they cover the entire organizational hierarchy (field-level operators all the way to C-suite executives) and they help the participants master the skills that range from operational (hands-on) to managerial (advanced). The modules also are tightly integrated and every subsequent module the participant would participate in builds on the skills and tools acquired during the earlier module.

The trainings have already helped a large number of people around the globe improve their sales and business performance. Here is what some of them say about the trainings:


“Excellent – very practical and useful information, putting it to use today.” – Tony S., Regional sales manager, USA

“Great value training. Helps me articulate and sell value.” – Seppo T., Sales manager, Finland

“I came to the training believing it was just another sales training, but was wrong This was an eye-opener to me.” – Wang H., Regional sales manager, PRC

The training modules are primarily given by Dr. Avinash Malshe and Dr. Paul Viio, who together have a combined experience in sales & business development and training of over 35 years. Below is a description of the modules, the primary trainer(s), and who the target audience for each module is:


Value business program training modules:

Module #: Module name: Trainer(s):
Module 1: Value sales fundamentals for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 2: Value sales implementation for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 3: Value sales management for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 4: Sales-marketing interface optimization for superior value development and delivery AM, PV
Module 5: Strategic leadership interface management for superior value development and delivery AM, PV
Module 6: Optimizing intra-organizational interfaces for superior value development and delivery PV, AM


The training modules are available through leading executive training organizations or from us directly. In case you already have an executive training organization that you prefer to arrange the training(s), we are glad to work with them, too.

Please note: The trainings are offered only during certain times of the year and to a limited number of participants and companies. Act now to secure the needed training module(s) for your team.

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