"Customers are not interested in the things that you sell – 
they buy services that they find valuable." – P. Viio

Sales Training and Workshops

Do you want to improve your own or your sales team’s sales and B2B relationship management skills to get better results?

Studies show that only one in ten salespersons is a top-performer. The good news is that basically anyone can learn how to become a great seller and be highly appreciated by his/her customers. It’s a matter of having the will and means to do so. If you want to develop your sales and customer relationship management skills, we can help you achieve that.

Our carefully planned, designed, prepared and delivered in-company B2B sales and customer relationship management trainings and workshops help you and your team for example in:

  • becoming a higher-performing salesperson or better customer support person
  • focusing on the key elements in B2B sales that make your business thrive
  • transforming your B2B sales organization from order-takers to order-makers
  • allocating your sales resources more efficiently
  • building strong and loyal internal and external relationships

Our aim is to help you improve your sales and customer relationship management skills.

We promise that you will get new insights and valuable tools that you can apply immediately for better results.


To help you become successful at selling and relationship management, our in-company trainings and workshops focus on key topics such as:

  • getting to know why and what your customers buy
  • finding your “ideal customers”
  • catching your customers interest
  • negotiating effectively and persuasively
  • pricing your products and services right
  • developing your argumentation skills
  • crafting a highly compelling value proposition
  • going beyond “closing the deal”
  • making your customers want to come back (and/or refer you to others)
  • building long-lasting customer relationships
  • leading and managing B2B sales teams

Important note: When you book us, you always get a customized training that fits your needs and situation. Let us know what you want, so we can customize the training for you.

Who benefits from our trainings and workshops?

Regardless if you are the CEO, an executive or a director, manager, specialist or part of the operational staff of your organization, you will benefit from developing your selling and relationship management skills. You don’t even need to be in sales or marketing to benefit from our trainings. We have worked with people who have no prior experience from selling or leading sales teams to sales professionals with thirty or more years of sales experience under their belt. Anyone who is either directly or indirectly involved in dealing with customers benefits from our trainings.

We take a holistic view on sales and customer relationship management. Sales is not only the responsibility of the the people working in the sales function. This is why we train salespersons and people from sales supportive functions such as marketing, service & product management, service & product delivery, project management, R&D, call-center staff, human relations, administration, external relations and corporate communications. We train people at all levels: executives, directors, managers, team leaders, experts and operational staff.

The size of your company is not a deciding factor for you to benefit from these trainings. In fact, we train everything from SMEs to large enterprises and governmental organizations. What is important though is your will and motivation to improve your sales and relationship management skills and develop your ways of working. When you bring that with you, we will help you achieve your goals.

About your trainers and experts

The responsible trainer(s) that you will be working with are Dr. Paul Viio and / or Dr. Avinash Malshe.

Dr. Paul ViioPaul has considerable experience from conducting, planning and managing B2B sales internationally. Today he divides his time between working as an advisor, executive trainer and consultant to companies globally and working as a sales professor conducting scientific research and teaching students in sales. For more about Paul, click here.

Dr. Avinash MalsheAvinash has several years of experience from marketing in the pharmaceutical business and healthcare industry. When he is not busy training companies or giving speeches, he focuses on his work as professor of marketing. For more about Avinash, click here.

How are the training programs and workshops structured?

Our in-company training programs generally consist of one or several 1, 2 or 3-day modules, which are customized to fit your specific situations and industries. Our workshops are generally 1-day workshops and they focus on a specific theme and topic. All training days are structured and carefully planned according to pedagogic best-practices to make learning as efficient as possible. Our focus throughout the trainings and workshops are to help you and the other participants develop your sales and customer relationship management skills that you can apply immediately. Thus, our trainings are hands-on, sometimes challenging (to get the participants out from their comfort zones) and they involve team work and exercises. To make learning efficient and fun, we use various techniques and methods (e.g. real-life customer cases, gap analysis, role play, introspection).

Availability of trainings and workshops

Our customized in-company trainings and targeted workshops are generally available during the months from February to June and August to November. Due to the level of preparation and customization that we do to our programs to fit your needs and situation, we can only give a limited number of trainings and workshop per year. We follow a first come, first served policy, so contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs and preferred time schedule.

How to proceed and book a training or workshop?

To book your sales and relationship management training or workshop, please contact us and tell us about your needs, situation and goals. We will then be glad to work out a program outline and send you an offer.


Important note: Should you prefer to book us through a company that you already use for arranging executive education or company trainings for you, we will be glad to help you by working through them. Let us know what works best for your. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Do you want a keynote speaker who focuses on the importance of relationship-building, value co-creation and customer service to get better results?


B2B Sales Consulting 2.0

Do you want to gain an in-depth understanding of a specific phenomenon or problem to improve your sales and business performance?


Sales Trainings and Workshops

Do you want to improve your team's or your own B2B selling & sales and relationship management skills to get better results?


Advisor to or Member of the Board

Do you want external expert advice on how to structure, drive, and grow your company's sales and business to help you make the right decisions?


Multi-Company Research Programs

Do you want priority VIP-access to cutting-edge sales knowledge to improve your sales and business performance in a customer-focused manner?


Online-Based Sales Training

Coming soon... Available through the Value Business Academy. Pre-reserve your seat in the upcoming exclusive online trainings.


Cannot find exactly what you are looking for? Let me know what you need, contact me.

Note: For sales and marketing training and workshops you can either book me directly or through your preferred executive training organizer. For other services and direct bookings or inquiries, please contact me.

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