You Know a Salesperson from the Numbers

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m a really great salesperson”, but once you have hired or partnered up (business wise) with that wonderful person, you only become disappointed. As it happens, contrary to what he or she (from this point on, I will only use “he”) promised, the self-proclaimed top salesperson repeatedly fails brining […]

What is Value Pricing or Value-Based Pricing?

  Abstract: Value-based pricing or value pricing refers to strategic pricing, where you price your service offering (goods/services) based on the value of it for your customers, as opposed to its production cost or market price. The benefits of value pricing compared to traditional pricing can for the buyer/customer include a closer match between actual use […]

Sales goes Digital at the Divia Event

Digitalization has changed not only how we  behave, but also how we buy – regardless if in B2C or B2B. Buyers are becoming increasingly well-informed of our offerings and those of our competitors. How should we in sales react to the situation when buyers contact potential suppliers even later in their buying processes? Are salespeople still needed? […]

New Article by Viio & Grönroos: How buyer–seller relationship orientation affects adaptation of sales processes to the buying process

  The new article in the top-tier publication Industrial Marketing Management – IMM by Dr. Paul Viio and Professor Christian Grönroos, the Legend of Marketing, on value sales and how the buyer-seller relationship orientation affects the adaptation of the sales processes to the buying processes is now available. Highlights of the study: This study focuses […]

News: Dr. Paul Viio appointed Professor of Practice in Sales at Aalto University

As of March 1st, 2015, Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki, Finland, appointed Dr. Paul Viio Professor of Practice in Sales. “Sales has until recently clearly been undervalued in an academic context. A possible reason for this seems to have been the lack of academically qualified people who also have experience from sales – […]

New article by Viio & Grönroos: Value-based sales process adaptation in business relationships

The new article in the top-tier publication Industrial Marketing Management – IMM by Dr. Paul Viio and Professor Christian Grönroos – the Legend of Marketing – on value-based sales process adaptation in a B2B context is now available. Highlights of the study: This study focuses on understanding how business firms adapt their sales processes. The findings reveal how […]