What is Customer Focus, Why is it Important and How to Become Customer Focused

Being customer focused is likely to make customers more interested in dealing with you (as opposed to choosing your competitor). As a result, being customer focused can help you improve your sales, business, and profits. Let me explain this in detail – or, if you’re in a hurry, just watch the below video to cut to the chase. […]

Stay true to yourself

You want to achieve something meaningful but have the feeling that you are mostly distracted by other things that come your way. Does this sound familiar? Most of us feel that we have a higher purpose in life that what we are doing. We want to achieve something special, but have the feeling that we […]

Values should drive the sales work

Instead of being busy chasing the deals to fill our sales quota for the month or quarter, we (anyone involved in personal selling) should focus on working in a way that is derived from our values. This may sound like very soft selling, which it can be, but the idea behind this is to pursue […]