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Get Your Audience Excited about Value Sales, Customer Focus and Value Co-Creation

Are you looking for a professional keynote speaker for your event to inspire your audience? Do you want the core message to be on B2B value sales, customer focus, relationship management or value co-creation – with the aim to increase sales performance and achieve success in business? Then let me help you, contact me for a non-binding discussion.

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Your Challenge and How I can Help

People are bombarded with invitations to various events. That's why yours needs to stand out! Your program needs to be great, the other attendees need to relevant (for networking), and your host and speaker(s) need to be great! Moreover, your audience needs to feel that not only was your event great, but they also learned something that is relevant for them and their success.

My keynote speeches are geared to help the audience become enthusiastic about:

  • Value-Based Selling
  • Customer Focus and Customer Service
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Value Co-Creation
  • Increasing Sales Velocity

These above themes are very important for anyone who wants to be successful in business.

My keynotes are engaging, inspiring, fun and based on scientific research. They are loaded with facts and best-practice examples. I can reinforce and strengthen your overall message that you want to convey to your audience. As a result, your audience will have a great experience and you get the credit for the event – a true win-win!

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This is What You and Your Audience Get

In my keynote speeches I present how selling and serving customers in a customer-focused and relationship-oriented manner gives better results and is crucial to achieve long-term success.

The core message of my keynote speeches (which I give in English, Swedish, Finnish or German) revolves around the importance of selling, relationship building, value co-creation and customer experience management, through the means of personal selling, customer service and social media (and other communication technologies).

What You Get from Working with Me

  • You get an inspiring professional keynote speaker
  • You get an expert in his field who combines theory and practice in sales
  • You get a person who knows how to take his (your) audience

My focus is on sales, customer focus and relationship management. Both the way how I present and what I say in my keynotes are appreciated by and relevant for people who want to be successful in business. 

What Your Audience Gets from Me as Keynote Speaker

  • Your audience gets inspired and about selling & sales management
  • Your audience gets inspired to focus on customers and value co-creation to achieve better results
  • Your audience gets to interact (I ask questions, challenge and provoke them in a nice way)
  • Your audience will have a great time and tell their friends about your event

In short, my aim is that you get what you need and want, and your audience gets a feeling that it was definitely worth going to your event.

Themes, Topics and Titles of My Keynote Speeches

Being a professional speaker with in-depth knowledge (theory & practice) of B2B selling & sales management, marketing management and customer relationship management, I bring new insights and inspire the audience to think out of the box to get better results.

Keynote Themes

The core themes that I focus on in my keynotes include:

  • Value-Based Selling & Value Sales Management
  • Customer Focus and Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience Management and Customer Value Co-Creation

Keynote Topics

Main topics that I give keynotes speeches on, customizing them to fit your situation and event, include:

  • Co-creating customer value – the key to success in B2B sales
  • Focusing on customers and what's valuable for them
  • Managing the customer journey and customer experience
  • Transforming sales organizations from selling products to selling service & value

Keynote Title Examples

Example titles of some highly popular keynote speeches by me:

  • “How to make your customers want to buy from you (instead of from your competitors)”
  • “Stop selling – help your customers buy from you”
  • "Customers don't care about your products or services: They buy the service that those render and pay for the value"
  • "Why and how focusing on your customers will improve your sales performance"
  • "How to build a world-class sales organization by changing your mindset"

Note: The title, content and style of my keynote speech are customized to fit your event and audience.

Prep meeting: Prior to the event, you and I will have a preparation meeting/call to go through what your expectations for the event are and what you are aiming at by having me as your keynote speaker. It's important that I know about your situation, the event and the audience, so I can design and plan for a keynote speech that fits your agenda.

The prep meeting can be done by phone, video call or face-to-face. Based on that, I will design and plan my keynote speech.

Let me know what you need and wish for, so I can better help you.

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Example Keynote Speech

The duration of my keynotes speeches is typically 1 hour, broken down into 50 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes reserved for Q&A. But rest assure, the presentation is far from a boring monologue. To the contrary: I move around, use presentation and voice techniques, and ask the audience questions. After all, it's a live event, not a Youtube video.

Title: How to Get Your Customers Want to Buy from You – Instead of from Your Competitors!

  • Part 1: What do customers actually buy from you
  • Part 2: How do customers buy and who does the buying
  • Part 3: How can you co-manage your customer's value experience

After having covered all parts of my speech, it's usually time for questions and answers. Generally my presentations – which are thought-provoking and often challenge the audience a bit – trigger many questions and a good discussion.

Thank you and goodbye!

    About Me – Your Keynote Speaker

    About me, your keynote speaker in a nutshell:

    • Inspiring, fun and engaging keynote speaker
    • Has given hundreds of keynote speeches and presentations to various audiences globally
    • Recognized leading expert in value-based selling and value sales management
    • 20+ years of hands-on experience in selling and sales management for a number of companies internationally
    • PhD in selling & sales management – one of very few in the world
    • Professorship in selling and sales management – at two 'triple crown' universities*
    • Gives keynote speeches in four languages (English, Swedish, Finnish, German)

    * Triple crown university: Accredited by the leading accreditation organizations for higher-level education AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. What's makes being 'triple crown' special? Less than 1% of universities and business schools in the world belong to this elite group of schools.

    What People Say About Me as a Keynote Speaker

    Feedback by customers from previous keynote speeches:

    "We got a great energy for the event and your speech was an important part of that."

    Chief Strategy Office

    “Your speech on value sales was insightful and very valuable for the participants in our global sales event. Thank you!”

    VP Global sales

    “Thank you for a super interesting breakfast seminar + speech! This was very valuable and Paul was very concrete, inspiring and engaging! It felt real.”

    Breakfast seminar participant

    “Thank you for an eye-opening presentation on customer value. You inspired us to rethink and take this seriously.”


    “Exactly what I had hoped for! You challenged our existing ways of doing things by showing how buyers work.”

    VP of sales

    "Could't have asked for a better and more inspiring keynote. Thank you, Paul!"

    Sales director

    "Hi Paul! I would like to thank you for the great presentation you did for [company name removed] team in Haikko couple weeks ago! It was really remarkable! If you travel to Russia, it would be great to meet and participate in your trainings."

    Commercial Director

    Do you also want your audience to be inspired?

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    Who Benefits from My Keynote Speaker Service

    My Keynote Speaker service is aimed at companies and organizations that want to focus on achieving success in business by focusing on customers, and who want to convey that message in their event to their customers, partners, staff or stakeholders. 

    What's common for my customers is that they want to improve their sales and business in a sustainable way by focusing on customers and co-creating value.

    Companies and organizations that usually book me as keynote speaker for their events include:

    • Multinational or global companies
    • Companies in transformation (to focus on service business and customer value focus)
    • SMEs (from startups to medium-sized well-established companies)
    • Hospitals and private clinics
    • Special interest groups and associations
    • Trade organizations
    • Governmental organizations striving to become customer-oriented
    • Professional event organizers

    Note: Ask me for names of companies and organizations that I can mention that have chosen me as keynote speaker for their events.

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    Speaker Fee and Pricing Policy

    My fees and pricing policy are both reasonable and fair. In fact, I don't charge anything for actually speaking at your event. Instead, what you pay me for is this:

    • Expertise: My knowledge and skills, gathered from over 25 years in international B2B sales and business development, and over ten years of scientific research
    • Customization work: Designing, preparing, planning and practicing my keynote speech for your event
    • Travel costs: Flights, taxi, hotel, and travel fee*, if applicable

    Generally, the fee that I charge for a one-hour keynote speech – or actually for designing, preparing, planning and rehearsing it – starts at only €2950 (incl. prep meeting or call), which even comes with a satisfaction guarantee**. Prices stated in Euro, excluding travel costs and VAT (24% in Finland, 0% in other countries).

    * Travel fee: If your event is held in a location to which I need to travel for more than two hours (from Stockholm or Helsinki), I charge an additional travel fee of €950 per travel day for lost work time (due to traveling).

    ** See the Satisfaction Guarantee Policy below.

    Professional Event Organizer Pricing: If you are a professional event organizer, check your eligibility to book me at a special rate. If your event is a large industry-specific one or a multi-company event that is likely to result in some attendees booking me for their own events, please mention this when contacting me. I will then make a case-by-case assessment if a special rate can be applied.

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    Contact me for a free non-binding discussion so we can talk about what you are looking for and when & where your event is taking place. This discussion is non-binding and free of charge! 

    Use the contact form below! I will get back to you asap so we can discuss your needs more in detail. Note: If you prefer, you can of course also email, chat or call me directly.

    Contact me today! To secure me as keynote speaker for your event, please contact me as soon as possible. My calendar fills up quickly.

    P.S. Thank you for considering me as keynote speaker for your event. Let’s make your event a successful one!

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    Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

    Should you and the participants not be satisfied with the keynote or our collaboration and if the reason for your dissatisfaction is directly attributable to my work or performance, you can apply for a refund (less my travel costs and expenses, of course) or we can agree on a new collaboration.

    Your satisfaction is my priority.

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