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Base Your Sales and Customer Relationship Management on Customer Value to Drive Profits

Are you looking for a professional sales trainer and relationship management expert to train and guide your team to improve their sales, marketing and customer relationship management skills to drive profits? Contact Dr. Paul Viio, today!

The Sales Staff Challenge and How I can Help

Studies show that only one(!) in ten salespersons is a top-performer.

The good news is that basically anyone can learn how to become a great salesperson and highly appreciated by his/her customers. In fact, it is quite easy – if you know how.

If you want to learn the secrets of world-class companies to develop your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills, let me help you.

The overarching message of my sales trainings and workshops – which I give in English, Swedish, Finnish or German – revolves around the importance of focusing on value for your customer, which is the key driver for business. When that is done right, it improves your sales performance.

My customized and tested in-company trainings and workshops bring your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills to a whole new level. Contact me, today!

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This is What You and Your Sales & Support Staff Get

If you want learn key sales secrets of world-class businesses, my proven sales and customer relationship management trainings and workshops are helpful for you and your team.

What You as Business Owner or Sponsor Get from Working with Me

  • Your team gets trained how to become a high-performing one
  • Your sales organization gets inspired to transform from order-takers to becoming order-makers
  • Your team's sales mindset is moved to focusing on customer value
  • Your team realizes that everyone is directly/indirectly involved in selling
  • You can become an attractive employer and inspiring place to work
  • You get a multilingual sales expert to train and guide your team

The secrets that I reveal and the insights and training that I provide focus on helping your team and business become successful in sales. This is done by helping improve your team's sales and customer relationship management skills to drive profits.

What Your Team Members Get from My Sales Trainings and Workshops

  • Improved sales performance by working smarter
  • Understand why, what and how customers buy
  • Learn how to communicate customer value (instead of features and price)
  • Improve their customer relationship management skills
  • Develop their negotiation skills
  • Learn how to co-manage the customer experience
  • Realize the importance of sales work and contributing to the customer experience
  • Learn how to build strong internal and external customer relationships
  • Learn how to get returning customers
  • Powerful and easy-to-use tools for implementing value sales

Through my trainings and workshops, which I give in English, Swedish, Finnish and German, I promise that you and your team get new insights and valuable tools that can be applied immediately to get better results.

Themes, Topics and Levels of My Sales Trainings and Workshops

As a professional trainer and workshop moderator & facilitator with in-depth knowledge (theory & practice) of B2B selling & sales management, marketing management and customer relationship management, I bring new insights and inspire your sales and sales support team to think out of the box to get better results.

Sales Training and Workshop Themes

The main themes that I focus on in my trainings and workshops include:

  • Value-Based Selling & Value Sales Management
  • Customer Focus and Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience Management and Customer Value Co-Creation

Training and Workshop Topics

To help you become successful at selling and relationship management, my sales trainings and workshops focus on key topics such as:

  • Co-creating customer value – the key to success in B2B sales
  • Focusing on customers and what's valuable for them
  • Managing the customer journey and customer experience
  • Learning what and why customers buy
  • Learning how customers buy
  • Finding or shaping your "ideal customers"
  • Catching your customers interest
  • Negotiating effectively and persuasively
  • Developing your argumentation skills
  • Crafting a winning value proposition
  • Going beyond "closing the deal"
  • Making your customers wanting to come back (and/or refer you to others)
  • Building long-lasting customer relationships
  • Leading and managing B2B sales teams and cross-functional teams

Sales Training Levels

The sales trainings have three levels: Basic, Core and Advanced.

  • Basic: Fundamentals of Value Sales
  • Core: Value Sales Implementation
  • Advanced: Value Sales Management

The Basic level is where the fundamentals of value sales, purchasing & procurement and customer relationship management are covered. It is intended for salespeople and those in sales supportive functions (marketing, project management, product management, legal, etc.). Trainings at this level focus on a) everyone getting the same message how important a value focus in sales is, and b) learning to focus on sales, value creation and customer relationships.

The Core level focuses on how to implement value-based selling in day-to-day work. It is specifically designed for salespeople, sales managers, and anyone directly involved in selling. This training focuses on how to do value sales in practice.

The Advanced level focuses on how to manage value sales. It is mainly intended for sales executives (director or VP level), but also for sales managers (assuming they do manage a sales team). This training concentrates on value sales management: how to structure, train, build, manage, rewarding and support sales teams from a value perspective.

Workshop – Examples

Value sales workshops focus on helping your team with a specific topic, for example:

  • Sales process & selling process
  • Sales funnel management
  • Sales lead management
  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Converting leads to deals and relationships
  • Sales presentation perfection
  • Sales negotiations & contract negotiations
  • Managing pricing negotiations
  • Resolve customers challenges (overcoming objections)
  • Helping customers make a buy-decision (closing the sales)
  • Up-selling & Cross selling
  • Social selling (digitalization)
  • Dealing with your customer's buying team negotiation tactics
  • Understanding the buying/purchasing process of your customers
  • Understanding your customers buying portfolio

Note: The above represent some of the most asked for topics. All workshops focus on solving your needs and helping your team improve their sales performance.

Prep meeting: Prior to the training or workshop, you and I will have a preparation meeting to go through what your expectations for the training or workshop are and what you are aiming. Based on that, I will design and plan your training or workshop.

The prep meeting can be done face-to-face, by phone or video call. It's important that I know about your situation, what you are aiming at, and the audience, so I can design and plan for a training or workshop that fits your situation, needs and expectations.

Let me know what you need and wish for, so I can better help you.

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Example Sales Training – Level 1: Fundamentals of Value Sales

The duration of a sales training is typically either 1,5 or 2 days. The exact length depends on various factors, such as the number of participants, level of education and work experience, and how far your team already is in terms of focusing on customer value in their daily work.

For example, the training Fundamentals of Value Sales, which is a basic-level training, is usually delivered as a 2-day course. But, it can also be done in 1,5 days, if needed. It's a training that is aimed at your sales and sales supportive staff. The goal of the training is to establish a common platform and understanding of what value sales is, why it makes sense, and how to go about it. In short, to get your team up to speed.

All my trainings are broken down into parts according to the latest pedagogical guidelines for adult learning and based on what makes sense for your team and their learning experience. Each part includes: me presenting the topic(s); topic-relevant tasks and discussions to connect to your team members' realities and situations; and exercises completed by your teams members (usually in teams/groups) to ensure the desired learning.

Here's what the training (delivered as either a 1,5 or 2-day training) could look like for you:

Title: [Your company name] Value Sales Fundamentals

  • Part 1: Adopting a service business approach and customer value focus
  • Part 2: Understanding and analyzing your customer
  • Part 3: Planning and strategizing your value sales work
  • Part 4: Implementing value focus in your daily sales work

Each part includes presentation and facilitation by me, discussion and exercises made in teams. Coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon and a lunch break at noon.

You can get a detailed program outline template upon request. Contact me to discuss what would work best for you and your team.

    About Me – Your Sales Trainer / Workshop Moderator & Facilitator

    About me, your sales trainer and workshop moderator & facilitator in a nutshell:

    • Inspiring, fun and engaging professional sales trainer / workshop moderator & facilitator
    • Has trained / given workshops to hundreds of companies globally
    • Combines hands-on experience, best-practice, and scientifically proven models
    • 20+ years of hands-on experience in selling and sales management for a number of companies internationally
    • Recognized leading expert in value-based selling and value sales management
    • PhD in selling & sales management – one of very few in the world
    • Professorship in selling and sales management – at two 'triple crown' universities*
    • Gives sales trainings and workshops in four languages (English, Swedish, Finnish, German)
    • Committed to help you and your team improve your sales performance to succeed in business

    * Triple crown university: Accredited by the leading accreditation organizations for higher-level education AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. What's makes being 'triple crown' special? Less than 1% of universities and business schools in the world belong to this elite group of schools.

    What People Say About Me as a Sales Trainer / Workshop Moderator & Facilitator

    Feedback by customers from previous sales trainings and workshops:

    "I just wanted to thank you for the training at [name removed]. Very inspiring and has changed my perception on sales."

    Senior Executive

    “Thank you for the inspiring value sales training!”

    Sales Manager and Team Leader

    “Your course was one of the best ones for a long time!”

    Senior Marketing Manager

    “I’ve been thinking much over your presentations and advice – looking forward to discussing more in the next day or so.”

    Offering Manager

    "Thanks Paul for an excellent training! It helped me understand how customers operate and how we can build on that."

    Sales Manager

    Do you want your team too to increase their sales performance by focusing on customer value?

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    Who Benefits from My Sales Training & Workshop Service

    My Sales Training & Workshop service is aimed at companies and organizations that want to focus on achieving success in business by focusing on customers, and who want to convey that message in their customer interactions and sales management to their customers, partners, staff or stakeholders. 

    What's common for my customers is that they want to transform & improve their sales and business in a sustainable way by focusing on customers and co-creating value.

    Companies and organizations that book me as sales trainer or workshop moderator & facilitator include:

    • Multinationals and global companies
    • Large enterprises (with a regional or national focus)
    • Medium-sized companies
    • Hospitals and private clinics
    • Special interest groups and associations
    • Governmental organizations striving to become customer-oriented
    • Companies undergoing a transformation (to focus on service business and customer value focus)

    Note: You can ask me for names of companies and organizations that I can mention that have chosen me as trainer or workshop moderator/facilitator.

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    Training / Workshop Fee and Pricing Policy

    My fees and pricing policy are both reasonable and fair. In fact, I don't charge anything for my time & work during the actual training or workshop day(s). What you do have to pay me for, however, is the following:

    • My expertise: My knowledge and skills, gathered from over 20 years in international sales and business development, and over ten years of scientific research and professional sales trainings & workshops
    • My work: Designing, preparing, planning and practicing your customized training / workshop
    • My travel costs (e.g. flight, taxi, hotel, and travel fee*, if applicable)
    • Additional company-specific work (research, interviews,...) prior to or after the training / workshop

    The fee that I charge for a trainings or workshops (or actually for customizing: designing, preparing, planning and rehearsing) when booked directly from me, starts at €6450 per day, including light customization of the training. A satisfaction guarantee** applies, should you not be satisfied with the service provided. Prices stated in Euro and excluding VAT (24% in Finland, 0% in other countries) and travel costs.

    * Travel fee: If your event is held in a location to which I need to travel for more than two hours (from Stockholm or Helsinki), I charge an additional travel fee of €950 per travel day for lost work time (due to traveling).

    ** See the Satisfaction Guarantee Policy below.

    Important note: If you have a company internal training academy or should you prefer to book me through an organization you already use for executive education or trainings, I will be glad to collaborate with them. Let me know what works best for your. Your satisfaction is my priority.

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    Contact Me for a Free Non-Binding Discussion

    Contact me for a free-of-charge and non-binding discussion so we can talk about your needs, situation and goals. We will then be glad to work out a program outline and send you an offer. 

    Use the contact form below! I will get back to you asap so we can discuss more in detail. Note: If you prefer, you can of course also email, chat or call me directly.

    Contact me today! To secure me as sales trainer or workshop leader for your team, please contact me as soon as possible. My calendar fills up quickly.

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    Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

    Should you and the participants not be satisfied with the training and if the reason for your dissatisfaction is directly attributable to my work or performance, you can apply for a refund (less my travel costs and expenses, of course) or we can agree on a new training.

    Your satisfaction is my and my partners' priority.

    H e l s i n k i   –   S t o c k h o l m

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