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Base Your Business on Customer Value to Drive Profits

Are you looking for a professional sales & marketing trainer and business relationship management expert to train and guide your team to improve their sales, marketing and customer relationship management skills to drive profits? Contact us, today!

"To be successful in business, your customers should consider you and your service offering to be valuable for him/her."

Focusing on Customer Value is Key for Success

Developing and delivering innovative and differentiated services that result in superior customer value is one of the key capabilities that may determine whether a company succeeds in growing its revenue and improving profitability year after year. Whether a company is able develop and deliver superior service offerings that customers consider valuable is largely contingent upon how well the overall value philosophy has been embraced within the entire organization.

In sum, when personnel across multiple hierarchical levels within every strategic functional area get onboard the value philosophy, their collective and synergistic efforts successfully drive the value agenda, and subsequently lead to enhanced revenue and profits.

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Customer Value Focus is a Mindset and Requires Team Effort

Many companies have a wealth of talent within its rank and file that is capable of driving the value agenda, and when guided by a disciplined and structured approach, they are able to direct the multiple moving parts within a company and bring them all in coherence so that they are able to join hands in this crucial strategic endeavor. The value business program is intended to do just that.

Value Business Program in a Nutshell

The Value Business Program consists of six separate modules that collectively will help you get your entire organization behind the value agenda in a systematic manner so that you are able to grow revenue, improve profitability, and increase your ROI on sales and marketing investments year after year.

The trainings have already helped a large number of people and organizations around the globe improve their sales and business performance.

Structure and Target Audience

Specific modules in this value business training program are intended for specific target audiences within the company. Collectively, they cover the entire organizational hierarchy (field-level operators all the way to C-suite executives) and they help the participants master the skills that range from operational (hands-on) to managerial (advanced). The modules also are tightly integrated and every subsequent module the participant would participate in builds on the skills and tools acquired during the earlier module.

This is What You and Your Team Get

If you want learn key secrets of how to build a world-class business, our proven Value Business Program is helpful for you and your team.

What You as Business Owner or Sponsor Get from Working with Us

  • Your team gets trained how to become a high-performing one
  • Your team's sales mindset is shifted to focus on customer value
  • Your team realizes that everyone is directly/indirectly involved in selling and creating customer value
  • You can become an attractive employer and inspiring place to work
  • You get multilingual sales & marketing experts to train and guide your team

The secrets that we reveal and the insights and training that we provide focus on helping your team and business become successful and increase your profits. This is done by helping improve your team's sales, marketing and customer relationship management skills to drive profits.

What Your Team Members Get from Our Value Business Program

  • Improved sales & marketing collaboration skills for better performance
  • Understand why, what and how customers buy
  • Improve their customer relationship management skills
  • Learn how to co-manage the customer experience
  • Realize how sales and marketing alignment contributes to the customer experience
  • Learn how to build strong internal and external customer relationships
  • Learn how to get returning customers (internal and external)
  • Powerful and easy-to-use tools for implementing value business

Through our trainings and workshops, which we are able to give in English, Swedish, Finnish and German, we promise that you and your team get new insights and valuable tools that can be applied immediately to build a value-centric business and get better results.

Training Modules in the Value Business Program

The training modules are primarily given by Dr. Avinash Malshe and Dr. Paul Viio, who together have a combined experience in sales & business development and training of over 35 years.

Avinash's area of expertise is sales-marketing alignment at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Paul's area of expertise includes value-based selling & sales management and growing international businesses. Click the links for more information on Avinash and Paul.

Below is a brief description of the modules and the primary trainer(s) (AM–Avinash Malshe, PV–Paul Viio) in each module:


Value business program training modules:

Module #: Module name: Trainer(s):
Module 1: Value sales fundamentals for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 2: Value sales implementation for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 3: Value sales management for superior value development and delivery PV, AM
Module 4: Sales-marketing interface optimization for superior value development and delivery AM, PV
Module 5: Strategic leadership interface management for superior value development and delivery AM, PV
Module 6: Optimizing intra-organizational interfaces for superior value development and delivery PV, AM


For more detailed information on the modules (such as aim of the module, description of the contents, target audience), please contact us.

The Value Business Program consists of the above six training modules. Although they jointly form the building blocks of the whole training program, each one of them is also designed as an entity of its own. Thus, the modules can be ordered and completed one-by-one. Hence, if you feel that you don't need them all, you can pick the one(s) that work best for you.

In the case of in-company trainings, all modules can be reviewed to optimally fit your team's and company's situation. Just let us know what you want to to achieve, and we'll take it from there.

Please note: The trainings are offered only during certain times of the year and to a limited number of participants and companies. Act now to secure the needed training module(s) for your team.

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Duration of the Training Modules and Learning Methods Used

The duration of each training module varies between 1 to 2 days. The exact length of a module depends on various factors, such as the number of participants, level of education and work experience, and how far your team already is in terms of focusing on customer value in their daily work.

All our trainings are broken down into parts according to the latest pedagogical guidelines for adult learning and based on what makes sense for your team and their learning experience. Each part includes: the instructor (AM or PV) presenting the topic(s); topic-relevant tasks and discussions to connect to your team members' realities and situations; and exercises completed by your teams members (usually in teams/groups) to ensure the desired learning outcome.

Each module consists of several parts. Each part includes presentation and facilitation by the instructor (AM or PV), discussion and exercises in teams. Coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon and a lunch break at noon.

You can get a detailed program and module outline upon request. Contact us to discuss what would work best for you and your team.

    About Us – Your Executive Trainers in Value Business

    About us, Avinash Malshe and Paul Viio, your value business trainers in a nutshell:

    • Inspiring, fun and engaging professional executive trainers / workshop moderators & facilitators
    • Have trained / given workshops to hundreds of companies globally
    • Combine hands-on experience, best-practice, and scientifically proven models
    • 25+ years of hands-on experience in marketing, selling and sales management for a number of companies internationally
    • Recognized leading experts in sales-marketing alignment, value-based selling and value sales management
    • PhDs in marketing and selling & sales management
    • Professorships in marketing, selling and sales management – at two 'triple crown' universities*
    • Providing executive sales and marketing trainings and workshops in four languages (English, Swedish, Finnish, German)
    • Committed to help you and your team improve your sales performance to succeed in business

    * Triple crown university: Accredited by the leading accreditation organizations for higher-level education AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. What's makes being 'triple crown' special? Less than 1% of universities and business schools in the world belong to this elite group of schools.

    What People Say About Us as Executive Trainers / Workshop Moderators & Facilitators

    Feedback by customers from previous executive trainings and workshops:

    “Your course was one of the best ones for a long time!”

    - Senior Marketing Manager, Finland

    “I’ve been thinking much over your presentations and advice – looking forward to discussing more in the next day or so.”

    - Offering Manager, USA

    "Thanks Paul for an excellent training! It helped me understand how customers operate and how we can build on that."

    - Sales Manager, China

    “Excellent – very practical and useful information, putting it to use today.”

    - Tony S., Regional sales manager, USA

    "Great value training. Helps me articulate and sell value."

    - Seppo T., Sales manager, Finland

    “I came to the training believing it was just another sales training, but was wrong – This was an eye-opener to me.”

    - Wang H., Regional sales manager, PRC

    "This [training] helps us better navigate and avoid pitfalls in the collaboration between marketing, sales and the rest of the company. Thanks Avinash and Paul for a great training!"

    - John T., Marketing director, USA

    Do you want your team too to increase your company's performance by focusing on customer value?

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    Who Benefits from the Value Business Program Training

    Our Value Business Program is aimed at companies and organizations that want to focus on achieving success in business by focusing on customer value. It's for companies that want to improve their internal and external collaboration. It's for companies that want that customer value becomes the driver and guideline for all their operations, including managing customer interactions, sales, partners, staff and stakeholders. 

    What's common for the customers who want our help to build a value business, is that they want to transform & improve their sales, marketing and business in a sustainable way by focusing on customers and co-creating value.

    Companies and organizations that order the Value Business Program training include:

    • Multinationals and global companies
    • Large enterprises (with a regional or national focus)
    • Medium-sized companies
    • Hospitals and private clinics
    • Special interest groups and associations
    • Governmental organizations striving to become customer-oriented
    • Companies undergoing a transformation (to focus on service business and customer value focus)

    Who does Not Benefit from This Service

    Our trainings and workshop services are not for companies and organizations that don't see the point in focusing on customers and co-creating customer value. If you're looking for a trainer or workshop moderator & facilitator to boost high-pressure selling in your organization and want someone to teach your sales & supportive staff unethical(?) methods and tricks to manipulate your customers to buy from you, then we're not the right ones for you.

    Training / Workshop Fee and Pricing Policy

    Our fees and pricing policies are both reasonable and fair. In fact, we don't charge anything for our time & work during the actual trainings or workshop day(s). What you pay us for, however, is the following:

    • Expertise: Our knowledge and skills, gathered from over 25 years in international sales, marketing and business development, and over ten years of scientific research and professional sales trainings & workshops
    • Designing, preparing, planning and practicing your customized program/training/workshop
    • Travel costs (e.g. flight, taxi, hotel, and travel fee*, if applicable)
    • Additional company-specific work (research, interviews,...) prior to or after the training / workshop

    The fee that we charge for trainings or workshops (or actually for customizing: designing, preparing, planning and rehearsing) when booked directly from us, starts at €6450 per day per trainer (Avinash / Paul), including light customization of the training. Prices stated in Euro and excluding VAT (24% in Finland, 0% in other countries) and travel costs.

    * Travel fee: If your event is held in a location to which we need to travel for more than two hours (Paul from Stockholm, Sweden or Helsinki, Finland / Avinash from Minneapolis, USA), we charge an additional travel fee of €950 per travel day for lost work time (due to traveling).

    Important note: If you have a company internal training academy or should you prefer to book us (either Avinash or Paul or both) through an organization that you already use for executive education or trainings, we will be glad to collaborate with them. Let us know what works best for your. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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    Use the contact form below! We will get back to you asap so we can discuss more in detail. Note: If you prefer, you can of course also email, chat or call Paul or Avinash directly.

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