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Get Expert Advice How to Structure, Grow and Drive Your Sales and Business in General

Do you need help to structure, grow and drive your sales and business? Does your board need inspiration, expertise and fresh thoughts from someone who's been around the block? Then let me help you, contact me for a non-binding discussion.

Your Challenge and How I can Help

Are you not performing as well as you hope you would? Since you are reading this, chances are that either you or your company needs help from someone who can help you become what you are aiming at.

Do you want to be regarded a competent and talented sales & business executive by your team and among your peers and customers? The exclusive advise that you get from me and the insights that you will come to will help you “keep your eyes on the ball” and guide your sales and business to higher levels.

Is your board not performing as it should? Is it not as dynamic as it could be? Do you want to strengthen your board with someone with a strong international background in sales and who can bring fresh ideas? Having been involved in and responsible for sales in a number of companies, from startups to established global companies, I can help you get where you want. 

Contact me to discuss how I can help you.

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Advisor and Member of the Board Service

Successful people surround themselves with people from whom they can learn. Why shouldn't you do the same?

By trusting me as your advisor or member of your board, I help you to:

  • Focus on the essential for your business and customers
  • Get access to high-level contacts internationally
  • Avoid many of the pitfalls related to structuring, growing and driving your sales
  • Strengthen your board of directors
  • Attract external funding
  • Grow as an executive by acting as your sounding board

The exclusive advise that you get and the insights that you will come to will help you “keep your eyes on the ball” and guide your business towards higher levels. As a result, you will be regarded as a professional sales / business executive among your peers and customers.

Why Use the Advisor and Member of the Board Service

Simply put, nobody is perfect and no business is an island. In other words, we all benefit from the help of someone who's been around the block, i.e. someone who can help us navigate through unknown or new terrain.

The are many reasons for using the Advisor and Member of the Board service, including:

  • You get quality advice from an expert in his field (sales and international business)
  • You get a sounding board and someone with whom you can test your ideas & develop new ideas
  • You become more confident in your decision making process
  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel when structuring, growing and driving your sales
  • You get easier access to high-level people internationally
  • Your board gets strengthened with sales expertise
  • You are perceived more credible in the eyes of investors when having a PhD and expert in your team

In short, if you use the Advisor service, you get your "personal" business friend who can help you navigate how to structure, grow and drive your sales. If you opt for the Member of the Board service, your board is strengthened with a sales and international business expert.

The goal is to help you develop your sales and success.

When to Use the Advisor and Member of the Board Service

The areas in which I can advise and support you and your team include:

  • Business-to-business selling and sales management
  • Sales management (structuring, driving and managing the sales force)
  • Market management (creating, shaping and growing markets)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer experience management (CEM)
  • Channel partner management (i.e. winning, growing and managing sales channels and OEM partners)
  • Strengthening your board of directors (with an advisor or new member)
  • Attracting funding from investors
  • Angel funding (occasionally I do also invest in companies)

Being excellent at the above areas is important for any business professional or company that wants to grow and outperform its competition. Don't be a island, get help from an expert!

Let me help you.

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My Expectations Regarding You

Since I cannot accept all requests and assignments offered to me, I have two main rules that guide me in selecting whom to work with and which companies to be involved in: non-competition and common values.

To avoid business ethical issues, the companies that I advise or work with shall not be direct competitors to each other. I follow this rule in all projects and engagements, regardless if working as an advisor or a member of the board or if I am working on consulting projects or multi-company research projects.

The people and companies that I advise or work with (as a member of or advisor to the board) all have something in common – they all have a strong desire to develop and become better at what they do. If you share those values and ways of looking at your business, then we can do wonders together. I do not (anymore) work with the I-know-it-all type of people or people who are not open to explore new ways of doing business. As you have read this far, you are likely to be a smart person who appreciates the help that you can get. That is truly great and I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me – Your Advisor / New Board Member

When choosing an advisor or appointing a board member, I always suggest making it clear for you what you need, and what the person knows and is exceptionally good at.

Here is a brief description about me.

Areas of expertise and core competence:

  • Professional selling
  • Sales management
  • B2B relationship management
  • Internationalization and new market entry

Sales and business management experience:

In brief, I have over twenty years of international sales and business experience under my belt, and have held various sales positions in different companies internationally. The positions have included: Director of sales for Europe, Middle-East and Asia; Sales director, Regional sales manager; and interim CEO.

I have done green-field sales and have won, grown and managed highly demanding and difficult-to-enter customer accounts in the IT and telecoms industries. I have helped a large number of companies grow and drive their business internationally and manage their sales force and customer base.

Approach to knowledge development:

To be able to help others, I strongly believe in continuously developing one's own knowledge. Regarding my formal education in the area of selling & sales management, I have a PhD degree in sales management.

To learn more about the latest best-practices and to develop new ways of operating, I actively conduct scientific research in the areas of selling and sales management. In my research, which I often do together with experts from other countries, I study how the best sales organizations operate and what makes them great.

Inspiring others to improve their sales performance:

To inspire organizations to focus on the importance of sales, I regularly give keynote speeches and presentations in business events. To help put things into practice, I teach executive MBAs and regular MBAs at top business schools. Additionally, I train business executives and sales staff in companies and organizations globally. In sum, by combining best-practices and scientifically proven models with hands-on experience, I help you and your team to achieve better results.

Communication and languages:

I support clear, direct and honest communication. It is the best way to keep things on track and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The languages that I am fluent in and act as advisor or member of the board are: English, Swedish, Finnish and German.

Fees for the Advisor and Member of the Board Service

My fees and pricing policy are both reasonable and fair. In fact, considering the value that you get from having me as your advisor or in your board, the fees that I charge for my services are fairly modest.

As for the amounts, various fee structure models are available (fixed monthly fee, stocks or combination), depending on your situation and what stage your company is at (startup, young, established, global). Contact me and let's discuss possible options and what works best for you.

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