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Switch to value-based selling & value sales and increase your profits.

Sales trainings, workshops and keynote speeches – Face-2-Face or online.

Sales challenges and Your solution

The polarization of sales and customer service continues in the 2020’s. Online sales-buying increases, but also competent salespersons and sales leadership are needed.

These three market trends affect what, to whom and how you should sell:

  • Purchasing and sourcing is run by professionals and experts
  • Increasing number of people involved in the decision-making process
  • Digitalization of business (Covid-19 as catalyst)

Against this backdrop, I have two questions for you who are responsible for sales:

  • Q1: How do you plan, manage, lead, measure and reward sales & customer service done face-to-face or online ?
  • Q2: How will you succeed in sales to businesses (B2B) and the public sector (B2G)?

I help my clients understand business obstacles and take action to achieve success and create world class businesses. Customer orientation and customer experience (CX) form the backdrop, from which effective selling & sales management and customer service are derived.

I help to create the right foundation for and guide the customer experience. My goal is that you will increase you customer account profitability and improve your overall  sales performance.



Make your sales event great!

Sales keynote speaker

Entertaining, engaging and inspiring value sales and customer experience focused keynote speeches that are based on scientific research and my own experience and include many best-practice examples from across the globe.

Transform your sales force!

Value sales trainings

Improve your selling, sales management, and customer relationship management. Customized and tested in-company value sales trainings bring your company’s selling & sales competences and skills to a whole new level.

Solve your sales challenges!

Value sales workshops

Improve your organization’s sales, sales management, selling process, incentivizing, value props, pricing and customer relationship management models and skills in a hands-on and solution-oriented workshop.

Paul Viio – Sales Doctor

Dr. Paul Viio is a leading B2B sales expert and sales trainer, sales educator, sales workshop moderator and sales keynote-speaker in B2B value-based selling & sales management.

Paul helps develop world-class organizations. He does that by helping people and organizations develop and improve their sales results through focusing on customer value.

He has worked internationally in sales for over 25 years, in addition to which he has a Ph.D. in selling & sales management. He is an entrepreneur, published author, researcher, professor (of practice) and the only person holding two professorships in selling & sales management at two top-tier business schools concurrently – at Aalto University, School of Business and Hanken School of Economics.

Paul is a sought-after B2B value sales keynote speaker, executive trainer, educator, board member and advisor to companies. He has taught, trained, advised, and helped hundreds of executives and companies globally to improve their sales performance.

He is fluent in and trains organizations in four languages: English, Swedish, Finnish and German.

What customers say

Tor M. Bjørge

Director MI & D, Prysmian Group

”I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on two executive sales trainings for our company – Prysmian Group. The two trainings targeted our sales directors and sales & account managers respectively for the North European region.

Together with Paul, we developed a sales and customer management program, which was customized to fit our business and situation. Measuring our performance against the characteristics of high-performing sales organizations, we were able to benchmark our performance level. This helped us give the right weight for each part of the two programs to optimally target the areas that needed development.

In addition to addressing sales strategies and processes from a customer focus perspective, the trainings also provided lots of insightful examples and useful “rules of engagement” for sales, of which Paul has a lot of knowledge and personal experience.

Paul has just the right mix of academic and practical approach, and for us this was key. It is easy to go too far in one direction, but for us, we need this balance, and Paul provided this in an excellent way.

I can warmly recommend Paul for executive sales trainings when the aim is to develop high-performing sales organizations. I would hire him again!”

Tor M. Bjørge

Director MI & D, Prysmian Group

Marie Wahlström

COO, House of Innovation, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

”I contracted Dr Paul Viio to be the Academic Expert in one of our thematic groups with several industrial companies represented.

I am very pleased with our cooperation, and Paul’s expertise and ability to present information to the participants in an inspiring and clear manner. He is most responsive to the group, and catches the moods and reflections from the participants, making his presentation into more of a dialogue – the best kind of input! He also gave examples and reflections based on the present companies’ situations. That engages and delivers high value and a great deal of knowledge to the participants.

I can highly recommend Paul as expert and keynote speaker on topics related to value business and sales management.”

Marie Wahlström

COO, House of Innovation, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

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