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Dr. Paul Viio is a leading expert in value-based selling & sales management who helps create world-class organizations. He does this by helping people in the organizations improve their sales performance in a sustainable and honest way. He is an entrepreneur, published author, scientific researcher, and the only person in the world who has held two professorships in selling and sales management at two top business schools.

Paul's knowledge in sales is unmatched: He combines practical sales experience with scientific research in sales. He has worked in sales for more than 24 years across Europe. He has hands-on experience from selling and managing sales organizations internationally selling complex solutions and dealing with well-informed buyers and customers. In addition to his personal experience from sales, he is also a recognized scientist and sales researcher. Paul has a Ph.D. in selling and sales management from a top-level business school.

Paul is a sought-after keynote speaker, executive sales trainer, sales & business consultant and advisor to companies. He has personally taught, trained, advised, and helped hundreds of executives and companies globally. Additionally, through his work he has inspired and helped thousands of people improve their sales performance and success in business.

He has extensive work experience from sales in various B2B companies in Europe and has held various sales management and executive positions in different companies. Additionally, Paul is the founder and managing partner of a privately owned consulting company that focuses on international sales and business development.

After having worked and held various positions in sales for over 15 years across Europe, in the fall of 2007 he decided to pursue a doctoral degree, which he earned only four years later, in 2011 in selling and sales management. Combining practical experience from sales with the latest theories in the area makes Paul rather unique.

Paul earned his doctoral degree in marketing from the prestigious business school Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. The topic of his thesis was relationship orientation of the sales process in a business-to-business context and his study contributes to the relationship marketing and sales management research in particular.

Currently Paul holds a professorship in selling and sales management as Evli assistant professor of selling and sales management at Hanken School of Economics, a top-ranked business school located in Helsinki, Finland. Paul has also held the position as Professor of practice in selling and sales management at Aalto University School of Business. Additionally, he has held positions such as Director of sales research at Hanken School of Economics, Senior researcher at Aalto University, Research fellow at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Furthermore, his has held positions such as Visiting professor, Visiting lecturer, and Guest researcher at universities in various countries, including Austria, Finland, Monaco, Sweden and USA.

In the academic community he is an active researcher, manages scientific sales research projects and teaches & supervises students (levels: Ph.D., eMBA, MBA, M.Sc. and B.Sc.) in selling and sales management, including value-based selling and sales management, personal selling, seller-buyer relationship management, value pricing management and value-based pricing at universities and business schools internationally. Additionally, he is an active writer of academic and managerial articles on selling & sales management and seller-buyer relationship management.

Paul's sales research has been published in highly respected scientific journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business to Business Marketing. He acts as reviewer for the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and Industrial Marketing Management.

Paul is fluent in four languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German. He gives keynote speeches, conducts research, teaches students and trains executives in all four languages.

In addition to being a leading value sales and B2B service sales expert, Paul is also a husband and father. He takes care of his well-being in a holistic way, respects the environment, and is grateful for the love and life that he has been blessed with.

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