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About Paul – The Sales Doctor

Leading expert in selling & sales management

Dr. Paul Viio is a leading expert in B2B value-based selling & sales management. He has worked internationally in sales for over 25 years, in addition to which he has a Ph.D. in selling and sales management. He is an entrepreneur, published author/researcher, and the only person in the world holding two professorships in selling & sales management at two top business schools concurrently.

Paul is a sought-after B2B sales keynote speaker, executive trainer, and advisor to companies. He has taught, trained, advised, and helped hundreds of executives and companies globally to improve their sales performance.

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Paul's sales research has been published in scientific journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business to Business Marketing, and he acts as reviewer for the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and Industrial Marketing Management.


Helping Companies Improve their Sales Performance

Keynote speaker

Get your team excited about B2B sales, value-based selling and co-creating customer value!

To succeed in selling to today's well informed buyers is becoming increasingly demanding. It requires understanding what's valuable for the customer, helping the customer realize the value, and successfully delivering a service that is valuable for the customer. Sounds simple, and it is – if you know how to go about it.

My customizable keynotes – which are engaging, inspiring and based on scientific research – are loaded with facts and best-practice examples that can be adapted and easily applied. The keynotes are geared to help the audience become enthusiastic about B2B sales, value-based selling and focusing on co-creating value, both for the customers and your firm.


Sales training and workshops

Improve your sales and customer relationship management skills for better results!

Studies show that only one in ten salespersons is a top-performer. The good news is that basically anyone can learn how to become a great salesperson and highly appreciated by his/her customers. It’s a matter of having the will and means to do so.

If you want to develop your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills, we can help you ge thereOur customized and tested in-company trainings and workshops bring your selling, sales management and customer relationship management skills to a whole new level. Contact us, today!


Value pricing training and workshop

Base your prices on customer value, not on production costs or market prices!

Few companies realize the importance and power of professional pricing. Most apply cost-based or market pricing, thereby leaving money on the table. Value-based pricing aims at getting a fair share of what your products or services are worth to your customers. 

Do you want to develop your value pricing management skills? Great! Our customized and tested in-company trainings and workshops bring your pricing management skills to a whole new level.


B2B Sales Consulting 2.0

Scientific research to help you make informed sales & business enhancing decisions!

When you face a sales or business problem, we help you understand and tackle it. Our aim is to help you to make informed decisions to reach better business decisions and sales results.

B2B Sales Consulting 2.0 is a combination of consulting and sales research – a new type of B2B sales consulting that is based on scientific research. In contrast to many traditional consultants – who want to make themselves irreplaceable for you – we transfer the information and knowledge to you.


Advisor and member of the board

Get expert advise on how to structure, drive and grow your sales & business!

Do you want to be regarded a professional sales & business executive by your team and among your peers and customers? Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn.

The exclusive advise that you get from me and the insights that you will come to will help you to “keep your eyes on the ball” and guide your business towards higher levels.


Multi-Company Research Programs and Round-Table Discussions

Get priority VIP-access to cutting-edge knowledge to improve your sales & business performance!

If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to stay ahead of the competition. Reading industry reports or using traditional business consultants isn't enough. You need to get ahead of the curve!

This is where our exclusive multi-company research programs, which focus on sales and business development, become invaluable for you. Our programs are designed to generate cutting-edge knowledge and new insights, which is invaluable for your strategy-making processes and implementation.



Key points to propel your sales success

Note: Customized trainings and workshops are generally provided under NDA, which is why person or company names cannot be revealed.

Thank you for the inspiring value sales training!

Sales Manager and Team Leader, Sales Manager and Team Leader,

The course gives my [me] almost everything I need to develop an own strategy for my new company. This new company is a startup that exists since last year. Currently it consists of 10 software engineers that have a very professional knowledge in implementing social business solutions. I will have the responsibility to build up a new consulting department to add more customer-value to their solutions. Furthermore I will take on the responsibility to develop their sales strategy, marketing activities and organizational development overall. This will be an exciting task for me.”

Head of Consulting, Head of Consulting,

The first thing on my todo-list is to stick our heads together and really write down what the biggest values for our partners are.

Project Manager, Marketing, Project Manager, Marketing,

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