Why You Should Make it Easy to Buy from You

Many companies and salespeople make a great job attracting potential customers. They get the customers interested, engaged and ready to make the buy-decision. When it comes to the moment of truth, i.e. making the buy-decision, however, the customers begin hesitating and even backing off. Houston, we just lost a potential customer. In selling and sales […]

You Know a Salesperson from the Numbers

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m a really great salesperson”, but once you have hired or partnered up (business wise) with that wonderful person, you only become disappointed. As it happens, contrary to what he or she (from this point on, I will only use “he”) promised, the self-proclaimed top salesperson repeatedly fails brining […]

News: Value sales article in “Myynti & Markkinointi”

New value sales article in the leading Finnish sales & marketing publication “Myynti & Markkinointi” on the importance of knowing your customer’s business (including understanding their business figures), pp 19-23. In B2B sales, it is not enough to know your own offering, your competitors’ offerings and your customer’s needs & wants. You also need to […]

New Article by Viio & Grönroos: How buyer–seller relationship orientation affects adaptation of sales processes to the buying process

  The new article in the top-tier publication Industrial Marketing Management – IMM by Dr. Paul Viio and Professor Christian Grönroos, the Legend of Marketing, on value sales and how the buyer-seller relationship orientation affects the adaptation of the sales processes to the buying processes is now available. Highlights of the study: This study focuses […]

New article by Viio & Grönroos: Value-based sales process adaptation in business relationships

The new article in the top-tier publication Industrial Marketing Management – IMM by Dr. Paul Viio and Professor Christian Grönroos – the Legend of Marketing – on value-based sales process adaptation in a B2B context is now available. Highlights of the study: This study focuses on understanding how business firms adapt their sales processes. The findings reveal how […]

How to build a service business that can revolutionise an industry

Many business owners and executives dream of transforming their stuck-in-the-middle business to a successful one, but only few succeed. Too few! Why do so many fail and only few succeed in building a successful business? How do you build and develop a service business that is successful? In order to show how companies can transform […]

News: Dr. Paul Viio appointed Visiting lecturer, Donau-Universität Krems, Austria

As of March 2013 Dr. Paul Viio has been appointed Visiting lecturer at the Donau-Universität Donau Krems. Dr. Viio teaches value-based selling, sales management, and relationship management in business-to-business context to Executive MBA students in Krems, Austria. “Teaching value sales and business relationship management at Donau-Universität Krems and to students of the Danube professional MBA school […]

News: Dr. Paul Viio Appointed Director Sales Research at Hanken

As of January 1, 2013 Dr. Paul Viio has been appointed Director Sales Research at CERS, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Viio is responsible for sales research and teaching selected courses in personal selling & sales management, marketing and purchasing. “It is an honour to be awarded this newly established position. Hanken – […]

A good salesperson knows his customer

Know yourself, know your customer. Sales competence and customer relationship management are important. But what does the feeling of security have to do with selling? To read more (in Finnish), click here for the electronic version of Logica CGI’s publication “Ratkaisu” (Solution). Text and images by Antti Kirves.

News: Dr. Paul Viio appointed Visiting Professor at IUM

As of August 2012 Dr. Paul Viio has been appointed visiting Professor at the International University of Monaco – IUM. Dr. Viio teaches service and relationship oriented marketing, sales and purchasing in business-to-business context to MBA students at IUM in Monaco. “Teaching business market management and service and relationship oriented sales and purchasing in particular […]