Do you want a keynote / speaker who focuses on the importance of relationship-building, value co-creation and customer service to get better results?

Are you planning a sales, KAM (Key Account Manager), channel partner or customer event that focuses on sales and customer relationship management and want the audience members to:

  • get new insights on sales, service business management and customer value
  • become inspired to focus on customers and value to achieve better results
  • have a great time and tell their friends about your event

If yes, then you will benefit from using a professional speaker. I regularly give keynotes and public speeches at events on popular topics in the areas of sales, marketing and customer relationship management.

The core message of my speeches (which I give in English, Swedish, Finnish or German) revolves around relationship building, value co-creation and customer experience management through the means of personal selling and social media (and other technologies) in B2B markets.

In my speeches I present how working in a customer- and relationship-oriented manner gives better results. I also emphasize the importance of sales and customer service skills to achieve long-term success.

If you want a professional keynote / speaker for your event who focuses on the above themes and charges a reasonable speaker fee, please contact me.


Topics and themes of my speeches

As a professional speaker with in-depth knowledge of B2B sales, marketing and customer relationship management, I bring new insights and inspire the audience to think out of the box to get better results. Topics that I give keynotes / speeches on – and customize to fit your situation and event – include:

  • creating customer value – the key to success in B2B sales
  • focusing on the customer
  • becoming a top-performing seller
  • building, growing and managing B2B sales organizations internationally
  • making your customers want to come back (or refer) to you
  • managing long- and short-term B2B customer relationships
  • transforming from being an order-taker to becoming an order-maker

Examples of the titles of some popular speeches/presentations that I give include:

  • “What customers really buy from you”
  • “Who are your real customers and why should you care”
  • “How to become loved by your customers”
  • “How to make your customers want to buy from you (instead of from your competitors)”
  • “3 simple things that every salesperson need to know to become successful”
  • “7 steps where you as a seller can make a huge difference and win the deal”
  • “How you can – and why should become – the go-to person for your customer”
  • “Stop selling – help your customers buy from you”
  • “What luxury goods marketing can teach industrial service sales”
  • “The role of social media in industrial sales”
  • “Why – and how – hospitals and the healthcare industry need to rethink their strategies”

Note: The speeches are always customized to fit your audience, industry, situation and expectations.

About me as a speaker/presenter:

My areas of core competence are:

  • Professional selling
  • Sales management
  • B2B relationship management
  • Internationalization
  • Value co-creation and customer focus

Experience and background: I have over twenty years of international business experience from these areas, have earned my PhD and actively do research in these fields, and have given numerous keynote speeches, presentations and trainings on these subjects to a large number of companies and organizations globally.

Presentation style: I present new ideas based on best-practices and scientifically proven models with a rare combination of hands-on experience, insights and practical examples in a way that the audience members can relate to and use to achieve better results.

Languages: The languages that I am fluent in and give keynotes / speeches in are: English, Swedish, Finnish or German.

Speaker fee: Considering the value that you get for having a well-preparing and professionally delivered keynote / speech at your event, the fee that I charge is fairly modest. My speaker fee is considered to be of normal international standard.

The carefully designed, well-planned and professionally delivered speeches can for example help you and your organization to:

  • rethink your sales and customer service
  • focus on the key elements that make your business thrive
  • transform your sales organization from order-takers to order-makers
  • allocate your sales resources more efficiently
  • build strong and loyal internal and external business relationships
  • bring across a message that you want the audience to hear

Feedback from some previous speeches / presentations:

“We got a great energy for the event and your speech was an important part of that.” – Chief Strategy Office, Finland

“Your speech on value sales was insightful and very valuable for the participants in our global sales event. Thank you!” – VP Global sales, USA

“Thank you for a super interesting breakfast seminar + speech! This was very valuable and Paul was very concrete, inspiring and engaging! It felt real.” – Breakfast seminar participant, Finland

“Thank you for an eye-opening presentation on customer value. You inspired us to rethink and take this seriously.” – CEO, Germany

“Exactly what I had hoped for! You challenged our existing ways of doing things by showing how buyers work.” – VP of sales, Sweden

Companies and organizations that book me for their events include:

  • Multinational companies
  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Trade organizations
  • SMEs (from startups to medium-sized well-established companies)
  • Special interest groups and associations
  • Governmental organizations striving to become customer-oriented
  • Event organizers

How to book?

I warmly welcome you to contact me to discuss your needs, your expectations, the message(s) that you wish to be delivered or reinforced, as well as in which language, when and where your event will take place. Please contact me by clicking on the below button and replying to the few questions. I will then get back to you asap so we can work out the details and practicalities. Should you prefer, you can also email or call me directly. In case I am unable to take your call, please leave a message so I can get back to you.

To secure me as a keynote / speaker for your event, please contact me as early as possible. My calendar fills up very quickly and I follow a first come, first served policy.

Thank you for considering me as keynote / speaker for your event. Let’s make it a successful one!


Are you looking for a professional speaker who has in-depth knowledge of sales, customer focus, and customer value creation – someone who inspires and engages the whole audience?

The people who have attended my seminars or heard me speak generally consider me a passionate and inspiring speaker. Usually I focus on subjects related to value sales, value-based selling, customer value co-creation, service orientation, and relationship orientation in personal selling and sales management. My aim is to help companies and organizations improve their performance. I show how working in a customer-oriented manner can result in an improved sales performance. Additionally, I want to raise the awareness of sustainability and honesty in sales.

Why should you use a professional speaker? A good external expert can challenge you and help you see things in a new way. He can also reinforce a key message, which should permeate your organization and reach your customers.

Some companies and organizations get stuck in their comfort zone and ways of operating. Eventually, this can have negative consequences on customer service and business performance. Such organizations can benefit from having someone challenge their ways of working, inspiring them to rethink their business operations, and to focus on what is essential. Some organizations are already customer-oriented, but want an expert in the field to address their customers or partners. The idea can be that the expert’s keynote speech reinforces the message that your company or organization wants to communicate to your customer and markets.

Regardless if you want to show your customers or partners that you are serious about continuous development or if feel that your organization needs


Examples of selected keynote speech topics (presented in English, Swedish, Finnish or German):

Extremely popular!

The customer is not interested in the seller’s products or services as such, but rather in the service that these render (enable) the customer. Whereas the seller focuses on sharpening the sales pitch, the customer is interested in how he/she can solve the problem at hand. Value sales and value-based selling entail focusing on the customer: understanding the customer’s needs and dreams, helping the customer solve the problem at hand, and mutually creating value for the all the parties involved. Mastering value sales makes your competition irrelevant: Your customers will prefer to buy from you!

Very popular and trending!

The healthcare sector is in many areas going through a paradigm shift. A similar paradigm shift that took place a few years ago in Sweden is now taking place in Finland (cf. “SOTE uudistus”). Customers (also called patients) are allowed to choose where they want to be treated. One of the aspects that customers value is excellent customer service, which is something that many healthcare specialists have not had to deal with or focus on before. What does this mean for the whole sector? What do customers expect – what does excellent customer service mean? How do you transform your hospital or healthcare center to tune in on the customer? The focus of this speech is to challenge your team, show how you can address the above challenges, and through best-practice examples show how to inspire your customers to want to choose your hospital or healthcare center.


Instead of the seller merely focusing on its own business and closing the deal, whereas the buyer is focusing on its own needs and keeping the seller at arm’s length, a more constructive way of cooperating is presented. Instead of fighting over ‘who gets the biggest share of the cake’, a value-based approach is presented and illustrated.


The selling company and the salesperson may believe that they are in charge of selling – are they? What if it actually is the buyer who decides how selling progresses?

Video: 2012 © Hanken, Alderin & Hamrén

*) Translation from Swedish: ‘Tänk om det är köparen som bestämmer hur försäljningen går till’


In the world of the Internet and automated selling and purchasing, what is the role of the salesperson? Do we still need salespersons, and if so, what is the role of the ones who might survive the ever-growing technological revolution?


In some instances, selling firms and salespersons that act in a manner that seems selfish and non-value-based may actually contribute to considerable value generation and value-in-use.


The customer is not interested in the product or even solution as such! The buyer is interested in what the product or solution enables. This has a certain value for the buyer. This required a totally different way of looking as sales and selling compared to how most salespersons still today operate.


Many companies are still stuck in a transactional way of selling, whereas some have progressed to solution sales. Nevertheless, as long as the mindset and mental models at the seller and buyer revolve around price and short-term gains, that type of selling is doomed to fail on long term. The presentation explains why companies are stuck in their current models, why they have to change, and how to go about transforming from a transactional sales focus to a value-based one.


Video (full length): 2012 © Hanken, Alderin & Hamrén





Speaking inquiries can be sent directly to admin [at] paulviio [dot] com. The speaking inquiries will then be forwarded to the most suitable agent (Finland, Sweden, or international) or directly to Paul Viio.

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