Value-based selling at The Bike Shop


Value-based selling of tiresValue-based selling at The Bike Shop by Philippe Gilbert.

The manager smiled, walked over to me and shook my hand when I entered the shop. He inspected my worn-out rear tire that had several blisters, and he answered all of my questions.

Next he asked me further probing questions, such as: would you like to have your bike ready while you are waiting, would you like to change also the front tire, what about an extra set of tubes, and do you have a preferred tire brand? He took me to the shelf with different tires and tubes. He explained the differences between the best and the second best alternatives (wisely leaving the cheap ones not mentioned).

To my buyer objection related to the prices of the best ones, he responded: ”Mavic is good, but all the pros who come here buy Conti.” The result: I bought the best – and most expensive – set of tires and tubes that he had.

Wait! It gets even better. He changed the tires in no time, then greased the chain and checked the gears & brakes. Good to go.

When handed me the bill, he said ”you won’t be charged for the service, that’s on me.” Brilliant! Why? Well, had he charged for it without first telling me how much it costs, that would obviously not have been so nice. Why does it make sense to mention that he will not charge for the service? Simple – to make sure that I realize the value the service provided. (Had I done the job myself, it would easily have taken me 1 hour, not including changing my clothes, washing my hands and cleaning up the whole mess afterwards.) Additionally, realizing the value for me will make me feel inclined to come back and tell you and the rest of the world about this great experience.

Thanks guys at The Bike Shop. Well done!

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